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Hello, Agung.

Last week, Mount Agung made headlines by waking up from its 53+ years of peaceful nap. It last erupted in 1963. Four days ago on Monday (18 Sep 2017), an increase in the volcano's seismic activity raised the volcano alert level to Siaga, the third level on the alert scale. And last night (21 Sep 2017), our guests at d'Sawah Amed, which is about 14 kilometres away from Agung, reported slight tremors. Fortunately, d'Sawah Amed Homestay & So Much More is wayyyyyyy outside of the Agung disaster-prone pyroclastic flow areas.


We are glad that our families and friends from all the potential high to low risks area surrounding Agung have already evacuated to safer places including some volunteer properties in and around Amed. d'Sawah Amed's Komang and Susie have also contingency plans ready for their family and are well-prepared. We're super thankful for all the well wishes from all over the world. Suksma mewali.

Map released by The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) (File source: BNPB via

Our message to ALL:

Don't panic. But don't be complacent.


Here are our tips for your and our safety:

(1) Stay in designated safe areas which are not affected by potential lava/ pyroclastic and mud flows (see picture).

(2) In case of explosion (which is different from eruption), we recommend heading to non-volcanic Mount Lempuyang (see map) or the hills behind and south of d'Sawah. From there, you have the option to go round the island (via Seraya village) away from the volcano.

(3) Always follow the advice of the local National Disaster Mitigation Agency.


As you can see from the map released by the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), d'Sawah is fortunately, located in a rather safe zone. Always follow the advice and notifications by the BNPB. Be prepared & stay safe!


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